Singing psalms to Anglican chant takes a lot of practice, especially if your choir doesn't do it very often, and perhaps has lots of members whose first language is not English. I therefore tend to write out the psalms for my choirs. You are welcome to use the scans posted in the table below.

"BCP" stands for the Book of Common Prayer. Most of the BCP psalms have been pointed for choral singing.

"CW" stands for Common Worship. Most of the Common Worship psalms have been pointed for congregational singing and do not include the doxology.

Two unfamiliar names: Richard Thiele was the organist at St. George's Church, Berlin, in the 1880s, whilst the Rev. Earée was the chaplain.

The chant by Sullivan was composed for St George's Church, Berlin. Follow this link to find out more about the chant and why Sir Arthur Sullivan clearly did not want to compose it.

Composer Psalm
Elgar Psalm 1 BCP
Hayes Psalm 1 CW
Davies Psalm 5 BCP
Hopkins Psalm 5 CW vv. 1-8
Ouseley Psalm 8 CW
Buck Psalm 8 BCP
Cobb Psalm 14 CW
Robinson Psalm 18 BCP vv. 1-2, 47-50
Thiele Psalm 19 BCP
Elvey Psalm 19 CW vv. 7-11
Buck Psalm 22 BCP vv. 22-32
Earée Psalm 23 BCP
Goss Psalm 23 BCP
Boyce Psalm 27 CW vv. 1, 4-12
Thiele Psalm 29 BCP
Elvey Psalm 31 CW vv. 1-5, 15-16
Thiele Psalm 33 BCP vv. 1-12
Hopkins Psalm 41 CW
Thiele Psalm 45 CW vv. 10-17
based on Luther Psalm 46 CW
Bairstow Psalm 51 BCP vv. 1-13
Gregorian Psalm 51 BCP
Randall Psalm 52 CW vv. 1-8
Hopkins Psalm 63 CW vv. 1-8
Stanford Psalm 65 BCP
Atkins, Elvey Psalm 66 BCP
Aldrich Psalm 66 CW vv. 1-11
Gregorian Psalm 67 BCP
Nares Psalm 67 BCP
Camidge Psalm 71 BCP
Camidge Psalm 79 CW vv. 1-9
Parry, Wesley Psalm 84 BCP
Felton, Hopkins Psalm 90 BCP
Earée Psalm 91 CW vv. 1-2, 9-16
Battishill Psalm 93 CW
Camidge Psalm 95 BCP
Crotch Psalm 95 BCP
Goss Psalm 95 BCP
Sullivan Psalm 95 CW vv. 1-7a
Russell Psalm 98 BCP E flat
Russell Psalm 98 BCP E major
Earée Psalm 99 BCP
Crotch Psalm 99 CW
Thiele Psalm 100 BCP
Thiele Psalm 101 BCP
Noble Psalm 103 BCP vv. 1-8
Parratt Psalm 104 CW vv. 26-36, 37b
Thiele Psalm 106 BCP
Thiele Psalm 114 CW
Ouseley Psalm 119 BCP vv. 105, 114-117
Davies Psalm 121 BCP
Monk Psalm 122 BCP
Goss, Garrett Psalm 124 BCP
Thiele Psalm 126 CW
Walmisley Psalm 127 BCP
Aldrich Psalm 136 CW vv. 1-9, 22-26
Stanford Psalm 147 BCP vv. 1-11
Norris Psalm 148 CW